While I can’t share samples of all of the types of work I’ve produced (confidentiality), here are at least some of the work I’ve produced. Visit back soon for updated examples or visit my LinkedIn profile.

Web Content and Design (Academic, Technical)

Screenshot of SCS Computing website
SCS Computing Website – https://computing.cs.cmu.edu/

School of Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University

SCS Computing Website

News, Alerts, Technical Reference, Informational Content and more.


News, Alerts and Announcements (Communications, Web and Targeted)

Screenshot of news item
Sample News Item

SCS Computing Website

News Item

Call to Action

Custom Sidebars


Knowledge (Informational, KB Articles, Management, Structure)

Screenshot of Informational webpage
Informational Page

SCS Computing Website

General Information

Technical Guidance

Custom Sidebar Navigation


Training Materials (Quick Reference, PDF)

Screenshot of PDF document
Sample of PDF Quick Reference Doc

School of Computer Science

General CMS Training

Writing Guidance

Introduction to UI



Professional Voice Over Work (English and Spanish)

Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science – Introduction to Computing