Content Strategy Latinx

A strategy that does not consider a Spanish-speaking audience, is no strategy at all.

Want to have a significant built-in boost to your communication strategy? Consider your Spanish-speaking visitors.

This goes beyond just the face-value need to communicate in the second most used language in the United States, as well as one spoken by more than 580 million people world-wide. It also adds an enormous amount of good will with visitors, customers, colleagues and any other prospective audience that may be bilingual.

Why would people who speak English care about your outreach in Spanish?

Because even if your visitors are capable of understanding English, it projects a degree of consideration, thoughtfulness and tone appropriate effort on the part of your organization.

As a native Spanish speaker myself, I not only notice but I’m motivated to engage and support organizations that care enough to consider Spanish-speaking customers. This is both a necessary aspect of business, as well as a sign that your organization cares about all audiences.

Of course, this is meant to also drive consideration of other languages, especially when particular nationalities may be a part of your market strategy. Being holistic in your strategic approach is the way forward in a more interconnected world. But for the sake of my example and in the context of the United States, not carefully considering a Spanish-speaking audience is not just an oversight, it’s just bad business.

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