About Christian

I’m Christian Alexis Olmeda. I’m a self-taught guitarist (and multi-instrumentalist), composer, mixer and recordist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Although now academically and professionally focused on writing and the craft of fiction, I continue to compose and produce original music as I have done for the better part of the last 20 years. 

I came to music production and the process of recording and mixing audio through a long career in technology (a space in which I still work, although more focused on writing and strategy). As a composer and musician, I’ve focused on heavier kinds of music such as melodic death metal, thrash and hardcore punk, but have collaborated in a number of projects across multiple genres including rock, blues, tropical to name a few. I’ve also had the opportunity of writing original music for short films and mixed media projects,

Some of my more recent projects include Caldonia, Cruel Demise and most recently, Send The Flood with my friend of frequent collaborator, Aaron King (KDC, Rhinoceros, xIAMKINGx. I produce and release original music through my independent musical publishing DBA, Southground Records (established in 2005). I also produce, mix and master, such as for Labajura’s 2019 release, “Bájale” and Labajura’s single “Trágico/Mágico” featuring Los Wálters.

Reach out if you want to make some music.