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Month: August 2019

Developing Ideas

One of the hardest challenges I find in being a developing new writer is making final and committed decisions about the work. I’ve run through about 8 different ideas for my first novel, and of those, I’ve actually started treatments on 3 of those concepts. While I was leaning on one, I stepped away from it for a few weeks and upon revisiting it (for a final project in one of my MFA courses), I got cold feet. It’s a great concept and checks all of my boxes: dystopian, socially meaningful, and exciting. My entire market analysis was based on this concept as a prospective book. And now upon revisiting it, poof – the enthusiasm is gone.

I was having a conversation with my wife about how I was quite honestly feeling like garbage that I was not responding the same way to an idea I think is worth it, my brain says it can develop beautifully, but my heart is not in it. And she reminded me of the age-old writer’s adage: write what you know. We’ve been together long enough she knows I’ve lived through some wild things, but would someone really give a shit? I mean, would someone fork over money to read a fictional story fueled with some of my very real experiences? My wife is a brilliant sniper like that. Suddenly, I felt it: I cared again, I was excited and ideas started flowing.

So, for the gazillionth time, I believe I’m developing a different story and I’m plotting it in the coming weeks. I still think it can fall firmly within YA/new adult relevant fiction, but perhaps it’s a little more involved, a little more me. That’s the plan anyway.

Be kind to one another.